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History of Tuggeranong
The District of Tuggeranong is one of the original eighteen districts of the Australian Capital Territory used in land administration. The district is subdivided into divisions (suburbs), sections and blocks and is the southernmost town centre of Canberra, the capital city of Australia. The district comprises nineteen suburbs and occupies 117 square kilometres (45 sq mi) to the east of the Murrumbidgee River.

The name Tuggeranong is derived from a Ngunnawal expression meaning "cold place". From the earliest colonial times, the plain extending south into the centre of the present-day territory was referred to as Tuggeranong.

The traditional custodians of the district are the indigenous people of the Ngunawal tribe.

Following the transfer of land from the Government of New South Wales to the Commonwealth Government in 1911, the district was established in 1966 by the Commonwealth via the gazettal of the Districts Ordinance 1966 (Cth) which, after the enactment of the Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Act 1988, became the Districts Act 1966. This Act was subsequently repealed by the ACT Government and the district is now administered subject to the Districts Act 2002.

History info thanks to Wikipedia.

Things To See and Do In Tuggeranong

Just like other areas in Canberra, there is a lot to do in Tuggeranong that takes in the local nature as well as city entertainment. There is shopping at Tuggeranong Hyperdome, cafes to catch up with friends, bushwalks up the local hills and nature parks, playgrounds for the kids, swimming at Lakeside Leisure Centre, having a BBQ at local picnic areas and meeting friends at a local historic pub, to name a few ideas. Another feature of the area is its close proximity to the CBD, just 20 minutes up the Monaro Highway and also the Snowy Mountains, 2 hours and 20 minutes away.


A popular recreation area further north is Pine Island Reserve. This large reserve has picnic areas, several BBQs, toilet facilities and it is only a few minutes from the Tuggeranong Town Centre. This is our family's favourite swimming area on the river as the large sandy beach feels like real beach sand. Locals are often seen walking through tracks in the bush with their pool noodles and blow up swimming mattresses to find their own secret riverside location. There is also a small playground (although a little rundown) for kids after the swim.


The Australian War Memorial combines a shrine, a world-class museum, and an extensive archive. The Memorial's purpose is to commemorate the sacrifice of those Australians who have died in war or on operational service and those who have served our nation in times of conflict. Its mission is leading remembrance and understanding of Australia’s wartime experience.


Built in 1988, Australia's national parliament building is a graceful and deeply symbolic piece of architecture. Sitting atop Capital Hill, the building is crossed by two axes, north–south and east–west, representing the historical progression and legislative progression of Australian democracy. There's plenty to see inside, whether the politicians are haranguing each other in the chambers or not.


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