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When it comes to rat and rodent control, only the best professional services must be sought. Doing so will give you peace of mind and the assurance that things will be alright. When you have a professional, seasoned company like Pest Control Canberra to take care of the situation for you, no rat or rodent problem should be too difficult.
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Fret not! Pest Control Canberra To The Rescue

Need help with a ratty situation at home? Call us today, and we’ll show you why we have gained the trust and loyalty of our many customers over the years.

Timely intervention is very important in effective rat and rodent control. The sooner you call for help, the lesser your damages and losses will be. So don’t dilly-dally on calling us up as this will not only save you time, it can also save you money (contrary to what many may think).

It can be tempting to take the matter into your hands, especially if you’re trying to keep expenses to a minimum. But what you might not know is that DIY-ing can only backfire. In order for the job to be successful, rat and rodent control must be undertaken with the right skill and knowledge, so the most cost-effective way to deal with it is to relinquish the job to the experts.
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Lately, have you been…
Hearing shuffling and scratching sounds late at night?
Suspecting mysteriously “invisible” burglars that steal portions of your favorite food items?
Seeing suspicious stains and droppings on your sideboards and everywhere else?
If you have just said yes to any or all of these, then it’s very likely that you have a rodent infestation in your house.

What to expect from our rats and rodent control services

Wherever your home or business is in Canberra, our team can help bust any rat and rodent problem for you.

We get it — different customers have different preferences when it comes to methods of rat and rodent eradication. This is why we offer various yet equally effective rat and rodent control methods for you to choose from. It can be lethal or non-lethal — from poisoning, trapping, habitat modification, to exclusion — our team of experts knows exactly how to deal with it.
You can also count on us to clean up after any mess made in the process. We’re very careful about leaving dead rats that may have been killed in the process as they can be sources of bacteria and diseases when left to decompose on their own.

We here at Pest Control Canberra aim for long-term solutions to problems, and not just temporary relief from the nuisances caused by infestation. We firmly stand behind the quality of our services, and we even offer free follow-up treatments if the initial interventions should turn out unsuccessful.

From prevention, eradication, to protection from future re-infestation, we are committed to giving you the best services so you can live in a rodent-free and safe environment.
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Problems Rats And Rodents Can Be Responsible For

Experiencing rat infestation is a sure cause of disgust and panic for many homeowners — which is only understandable as these little critters are literally creatures of horror. They are destructive and harmful, posing a number of risks for any home or property.

For starters, rats and rodents carry bacteria and diseases. They also have this penchant for chewing on wires and appliances that could very well result in short circuits and fire. Rats are also perfect agents for the proliferation of other pests like fleas. These said, it’s only right to act on a rat and rodent problem without delay.

Their innate inability to see in the dark is the reason why they depend on a regular route to make their way around — leaving their dark, oily and funky body grease in the same places of your home or property.

Easy-access food sources attract rats and rodents into any property, so make sure that these are carefully stored in order to keep them from contaminating your food and eventually migrate into your home.
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About our Pest Control Service in Canberra

If certain red flags are pointing to a rat infestation in your home or property, call up Pest Control Canberra to avail of safe and effective services in rat and rodent control. Our service team is accommodating, skilled, and highly professional — no pest infestation problem should be too difficult for us! Over the last 50 years, we have proven our worth as a company by giving our best in every case — be it a minor bed bug problem, or a colossal pest infestation.

Get a free quote — talk to our service representative so we can immediately start on the battle against any pesky pest in your home or property!
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