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Our professional, licensed, and skilled pest control experts can attend to any scale of pest problem, from mosquitoes to rat infestations. We have a growing number of clients who are consistently satisfied with the quality and extent of service we provide. Our service representatives are knowledgeable, confident, and able to effectively solve any problem from day one.
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Our Mosquito Control Service in Canberra

If you’re constantly looking over your shoulder for a tiny but terrifying, buzzing little creature called a mosquito, it’s perhaps because you’ve experienced yourself the torture brought about by their itchy bites, or you’ve heard of the diseases they potentially bring into your household or property. Whichever the case, you need to get back the peace of mind of a mosquito-free yard.

But why suffer when you can count on Pest Control Canberra to solve the problem for you? We have professionals in mosquito control who can attend to your needs right away!
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The scope of our services include the following:
Inspection - First, we must find where they hide so we’ll know where to focus.
Pest Control - Mosquito-busting time!
Monitoring - Once we’ve taken the life out of every mosquito, our next mission is to make sure that they don’t come back. We mosquito-proof your home for you so that re-infestation does not happen.

Under Speculating Eyes

Mosquitoes are generally harmless creatures, but some blood-sucking subspecies may carry life-threatening diseases like malaria, filariasis, yellow fever, and dengue. The mosquito bites can also turn out to be a nuisance when the skin develops an allergic reaction to the saliva after the insect pierces its mouth through to suck blood.

The regular “meal” schedule of mosquitoes falls during dawn and dusk. When it’s too hot during the day, they cool themselves down under leaves of plants, waiting until it’s dark and cool enough to hunt for food again.
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Mosquito Prevention

The best and most effective way to bust mosquitoes off your property is to make sure they don’t find a suitable home in it from the get-go. Here are some basic measures you can do to prevent mosquito infestation:



Mosquitoes’ second favorite food (next to human blood) is nectar which they suck out from plants. This is why they often huddle in bushy areas that are rich in shrubs and vegetation.



Make sure to keep receptacles, flower pots, and the like clear of stagnant water as these can be suitable breeding spots for mosquitoes.



Gutters commonly collect pools of water, which are favorite breeding grounds for mosquitoes.



Stacked-up twigs, branches, and leaves may also serve as a suitable breeding ground for mosquitoes, so clean these up before mosquitoes find them.
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Professional Mosquito Control

The sad thing is, even the most carefully executed preventive measures may not be 100% effective. But where prevention fails, professional help comes in handy. We here at Pest Control Canberra provide expertly done services in mosquito control. Our methods include barrier spray treatments that are aimed at exterminating full-grown adult mosquitoes, and larvicide sprays that attack the mosquito eggs (larvae).
Made from dried chrysanthemums, pyrethrin is an organic pesticide that’s very commonly found in barrier spray treatments. Pyrethroid, on the other hand, is a synthetically-made insecticide that copies its naturally produced, but less effective counterpart (pyrethrin).

Applied using a backpack sprayer, barrier sprays are designed to to get rid of mosquitoes by paralyzing them. Baby mosquitoes or those that are still in their egg form are exterminated with the use of larvicides — which is commonly sprayed on stagnant pools of water. 

Typically, larvicides come in the form of the naturally-occurring BTI or Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis. This type of bacterium is usually used to treat bodies of water via dissolvable briquettes, air crafts, and backpack sprayers.
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Mosquito Misting Systems

Some properties may require constant treatment to ward off mosquitoes, and for these, an automatic misting system is highly recommended. Automatic misting systems are designed to minimize the manual labor involved in mosquito control through an automated 30-second spray which switches on 2-4 times a day. 

This system is made up of an unobtrusive nylon tubing through which mist passes through and out of the stainless steel nozzles. Refilling is also automated and weather-proofed for winter. Here at Pest Control Canberra, we make sure that your mosquito misting system is of high quality, giving you the assurance and peace of mind you deserve.
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About our Pest Control Service in Canberra

If you have a mosquito problem that needs solving — our skillful and able pest control experts will give you what you need, wherever you are in Canberra. Just give us a call and we’ll take care of it for you, pronto!
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