White Ants Control

White Ant Inspection And Control

White ants, more commonly known as Termites, are called this because of their general appearance. If you see these tiny little harbringers of doom in your home, you need to be proactive and contact pest control professionals immediately before they cause massive damages to your home.
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A look At Canberra’s White Ant Situation

Statistic show that termite infestations have been costing the city of Canberra millions of dollars a year in prevention, elimination, and repair. If you add the cost of fires and flooding, termites still cause more damage than both of those combined.

All homes are susceptible, without exception. Houses simply provide the right kind of temperature, moisture, and sustenance that are conducive to termite proliferation.

Many homeowners have insurance coverage that doesn’t include damage caused by termites. What makes things worse is that if your house has a white ant infestation, it can be very difficult to impossible sell it.
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If there’s a termite infestation in your home, call us immediately. Our seasons white ant control service team will be on the case before you can say “help”. We travel all over Canberra, and examine every nook and cranny of your home quickly and efficiently so you can get back to living your life. Here’s an overview of our white ant control service:
Inspection: we’ll be looking into the termite situation in your house
Treatment: we’ll be doing what we do best–eliminate termites!
Maintenance: we’ll be making sure that they don’t come back

How We Determine Your White Ant Situation

To begin with we’ll visit your home to have a closer look at your infestation and the environment around it. We don’t just get rid of your existing infestations, we work carefully to eliminate termite growth areas, including high-moisture areas.

We use only the best diagnostic equipment available, including IR Thermometers, moisture detection tools, all the best apparatuses that money can be. This means we’ll be providing your home with all the treatments it needs to be safe from white ant infestation. 

Before we take action, we’ll provide you with a detailed run-down of what you’re dealing with. We believe that our customers should be thoroughly versed in how our white ant control service works.
There’s multiple approaches we can take to address your termite problem, and will tailor them specifically to your infestation and home. It maybe as simple as a chemical spraying, or we may need to spray foam into the nooks and open spaces where termites call home.

Another highly effective strategy we utilize is baiting, which we use to stop termites from increasing their numbers. We place bait in high-risk areas like those with rotting wood and moist surfaces. This bait contains elements that alter how termites molt, ruining their natural environment and breaking homeostasis.

Once we’ve finished treating your home, we’ll check in from time to time to ensure that our first white ant control treatment will be the last.

Have An Infestation? Call Us.

White ants in your home? Call us for incredible White Ant and Treatment, Canberra knows that Pest Control Canberra is the best termite removal service in the area. With 50 years of credentials and 50+ years of experience, we’re ready to be your white ant control solution, call now!
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