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Don’t wait and let your spider infestation grow, a single egg sack can release thousands of baby-spiders. Instead, contact us at Pest Control Canberra today, and we’ll send over a crack team of pest control experts who will ensure that your many-legged problem gets removed as quickly as possible.
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Spider Control Canberra

Arachnophobia is common, and even those without the formal diagnosis tend to have a preference to not being around the spiders. Considering this, it’s not at all unexpected that no one wants them in their home.

How could anyone like spiders? Well, that’s because some people know just how useful they can be.

Spiders are deeply important to the environment and our comfort, working hard to keep flies and other insect populations under control. This doesn’t mean anyone would want them in their homes, as many of them are still dangerous to humans, or at least unnerving to have around.

While it’s entirely possible to remove spiders on your own when it’s still small, when your infestation has grown to being a huge problem, it can seem an almost impossible task. When you lack the necessary skill, resources, and knowledge there’s no chance you’ll be able to defeat the infestation, just give us a call and we’ll ensure we get into your home and unobtrusively remove all the pests from your home.
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When calling us as your Pest Control Solution, you can expect:
Spider inspection - Inspection is the first step of any pest removal process, we have to know all the nooks and crannies that your little pests are hiding in.
Spider control - The next step is selecting the right resources for the job to eliminate your problem as quickly as possible.
Monitoring - We aren’t just focused on getting rid of the spiders, we want to make sure they scram for good!
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Our Spider Control and Prevention Services

As soon as you call, we’ll have one of our experts out to conduct a complete inspection of your home and property. It won’t be until after that inspection that we can recommend a treatment that is tailored to your specific infestation. We’ll see to it that you always have a say in the methods we use, so that your home and family is safe.

We’ll start with non-lethal methods that will help repel the infestation, using salt, eucalyptus, tobacco, and lavender-oil. These can be quite easy to find around the house, and are very effective in warding off spiders. Once they’ve gotten deeply entrenched however, or if the spiders in question are venomous, powerful pesticides may have to be used to eliminate your problem.

No matter how small your infestation, you don’t want to shove it off or treat it as if it’s inconsequential. Call us and we’ll be out with the perfect solution to remove your spider problem.
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Problems Spiders Can Cause on Your Property

Contrary to popular human perception, not all spiders are dangerous or fatal. As a matter of fact, these creatures are generally harmless and are typically only fatal by causing otherwise unnecessary panic attacks that could progress into dangerous cardiac symptoms.
One of the most common dangerous species of spiders is the brown recluse — a close cousin of the dreaded black widow — with a dangerous and potentially lethal poison. Getting infected with the poison of this specie of spiders can cause the destruction of red blood cells, kidney damage, blood clots, coma, and ultimately, death. On the other hand, even a small bite could result in severe allergic reactions and may take weeks to recover.

If spiders are living in your home or property, don’t take any chances, just make sure the problem is responded to immediately. There’s no way to know if that species is venomous unless you have the professionals take a look. Spiders multiply rapidly in the food rich place that is your home. This can lead to them being in every area of your home and incredibly difficult to evict.
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About our Pest Control Service in Canberra

When your home and property are suffering under the assault of these 8 legged creeps, contact Pest Control Canberra immediately. Our team of professional pest control specialists will use their decades of experience to help secure your home. It could be a silverfish control situation or a simple bed bug issue — nothing is too difficult for us here at Pest Control Canberra.
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