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If the loud and non-discreet presence of silverfish in your house or in your business establishment is starting to bother you, don’t wait for the situation to get worse! Call the most reliable silverfish control experts in Canberra so you can live silverfish-free again in no time.
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Silverfish Control

So, you and a couple of other people at home have noticed a few silverfishes around. No big deal, right? You and the others might think. And while it’s true that having silverfish around the house shouldn’t be a big threat to your health and safety, having a ton of these tiny crawling things in your home or business is a matter that requires immediate attention.

If every now and then you see them in your kitchen, in the bathroom, in the basement, or in the attic, it’s most probably time to give us a ring here at Pest Control Canberra. 

Our team of silverfish control professionals is highly experienced in handling all kinds of pest infestations including spider problems and cockroach issues. No pest is too difficult for us! We’re just a call away, and we respond fast!
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The following are telltale signs of silverfish infestation in your home:
Nibble marks on clothing or linen
Visible traces of molted skin
Damaged cardboard boxes in the basement, attic, or pantry

About Silverfish

Silverfishes are generally harmless creatures that, if anything, only pose annoyance and an unsightly view where they habitate — which is much unlike other pests or insects that put humans and their domestic pets at risk for danger or disease. 

Nonetheless, they’re quite unpleasant to have around and can be a real turn-off especially in places where business is made — like restaurants, spas, and other similar commercial establishments.
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Our Approach to Silverfish Control

If you believe you’re seeing signs of silverfish infestation in your home or property, it’s high time you call up for our silverfish control services. We can quickly solve the problem for you wherever you are in Canberra. And while it’s actually possible to try to get rid of them without any professional help, having to get rid of thousands of them is another story. 
One way to keep a small number from multiplying is to destroy all their food sources and making sure that key areas of potential infestation are routinely cleaned.

The first thing our pest control expert will do on our first scheduled visit is he’ll conduct a thorough assessment and inspection of the property to see if there really is an infestation, and if there is, to what degree. The results and findings will then help him determine an effectively suitable course of treatment for your specific case. 

During the implementation phase, we will then administer a powerful yet safe insecticide which comes in the form of a liquid spray. This insecticide is not only designed to get rid of the current infestation; it will also be effective in keeping potential silverfish migrants at bay. For dark, dusty areas like the basement, garage, or attic, we will also recommend dust insecticide for optimum results.
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Problems Silverfish Can Cause

The main attraction that brings in silverfish is any food source that could be mainly made up of protein or carbohydrates. Once these crawling critters have found their manna, they become very attached to it that leaving is not an option for the next months or even years. And once all supplies of food have been consumed, they turn to feed on textile, paper, and books instead.

The following are some other items that silverfish feed on and eventually destroy:

• Linen
• Cotton
• Silk
• Flour

Dead insects, sweets, paste, and linen are some of their favorite treats.They also thrive best in murky, damp places which should explain their penchant for bathrooms, attics, and basements. While they may seem like a quiet and harmless bunch, they can still become destructive to property when in large numbers.
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About our Pest Control Service in Canberra

Wherever you are in Canberra, we can solve whatever problem or pesky situation you may have with pests. Nothing is too small for us to find, and nothing is too huge for us to annihilate. You can always count on us to provide outstanding service — no ifs and buts! We are honest and straightforward in our dealings, no surprise charges! Just give us a call, and our customer service representative will guide you through the process before we proceed with any treatment. Call us today and get a free quote!
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