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We here at Pest Control Canberra have been knocking out pests in our area since time immemorial, over which we have gained the trust and confidence of both residential and business clients. We offer a variety of pest control services for every property type and every type of pest infestation. Hit us up today for a free quotation.
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Pest Inspection Canberra

One of the worst things that could happen to your home is pest infestation. Cockroaches, wasps, spiders, termites, and fleas — name it, and regardless of how small a critter it might be, its impact on the overall livability of your home is bigger than anyone else could imagine. 

Prevention works best in keeping the number of pests at a low. So, it’s highly advisable that you have your home or business establishment checked the moment you suspect there might be an infestation. Our team of pest control experts is highly skilled and thoroughly trained to deal with different degrees of infestation — so you can relax while you let us bust the pesky critters out.

The best time to bring it up to the pros is when it’s still highly manageable — or even when it’s still indistinguishable. It’s going to be cheaper, and the process will be shorter. Our pest control experts will know where to look to find out if you have a problem, which can really save you from spending tons of money to cure a pest problem that turned out to be undetected for too long.
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Commercial Pest Control

Problems with pests can really suck the life out of a business. It could disrupt productive routines, cause damage on your stocks, and scare customers or potential clients off. Keep your stocks fresh and intact, and always work on making a good impression by ensuring that your commercial building or office is free of pests. Our pest control experts can have a look and solve your pest problem before it could even start!

Canberra-based businesses have been counting on our pest control experts for the maintenance and treatment of pest-related problems. Our clientele from the business sector has been steadily growing because of our reasonable rates and stellar customer service. If you are interested in making this small but significant step for your offices’ or business’ sake, call us up today!

Residential Pest Control

Nobody wants to see rats shuffling their way around the house especially when there are little kids who love to play on the floor. Keep your house clean and safe for your loved ones by keeping it in check for pests! Whether it’s a major mice problem or some trivial bug infestation, something needs to be done. Don’t worry, though, as we’ll be guiding you throughout the process so you’ll know exactly what to do when we’re conducting the treatment.

Indoor pest treatment generally takes a whole day since the place has to be aired out afterwards, so we make sure that you and your other household members will be out until the house is safe for occupancy again. Meanwhile, if you have yet to contact pest control experts to check on your house, make haste and call us now!

Termite Inspection and Treatment

Termites may seem to be something that can be simply shrugged off. What can such tiny creatures do, anyway? Unfortunately, some people are unaware that infestation by termites may cause major investments like your house to get gradually but majorly damaged. They are the sort of problem that, when left unattended for a long time, can get worse and unfortunately get out of hand. Prevent termites from eating up your home by calling expert termite control specialists today!

We here at Pest Control Canberra firmly stand behind the quality of our services, that we even offer a 6-month to 1 year free spot termite treatment for customers who have previously availed of of our termite treatment service. This is a way to follow up on any potential termite re-infestation after our initial visit.

Using different treatment methods, the pest control experts will perform an initial termite treatment process which is then followed by preventive measures which will help minimize the chances of a future re-occurrence. With Pest Control Canberra, you can expect a pest-free home that is safely done and at competitive prices.
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Termite Protection

Getting rid of termites does not stop after the first treatment — there should be a follow-up intervention to protect the property from future re-infestation, which may be done by chemical or physical means. The latter uses non-edible materials such as concrete or metal to protect the foundation of the property; on the other hand, chemical treatment makes use of chemical agents that inhibit re-infestation by repelling the termites.

Our termite control team are knowledgeable when it comes to termite-proofing your property not just for the moment, but also for the long haul. The soil surrounding the property may be treated chemically so that termites won’t find a suitable abode in or near your home.
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Rodent problems can cause tremendous hassle, be it at home or in an office. These tiny beasties gnaw on electrical wires, drapes, and can even cause fleas to spread in the area. This said, it’s very important to act on the problem once discovered. 

Rodents can multiply fast, so it would be best to stop this before it gets out of control. Pest Control Canberra is always ready to help you in your battle against the rodents!


Roaches are suspiciously ninja-fast when it comes to multiplying! And they are very adaptable creatures, which makes it easy for them to thrive even in the most unlikely areas of your home. When these little foes start invading, don’t wait for them to outnumber your household! 

Cockroaches are attracted to food, so before you can ask for help from pest control experts, make sure that food in your home is safely stored out of their reach. Call us at Pest Control Canberra to start the roach-busting process!


A bee problem near your home can be such a buzzkill. Unfortunately, bees continue to be high in number all over Australia, and sometimes they get too close for comfort which makes it a problem. Call Pest Control Canberra to avail of an evaluation today!


Skin irritation and rashes caused by bed bugs are without doubt a nuisance to the household. The bad news is, once these bed bugs have entered your home in Canberra, getting rid of them can be a tough battle as they are quite small in size, yet can retain up to three times as much blood in their system. 

Don’t deal with this stress yourself! Call the experts from Pest Control Canberra to solve the bed bug problem in your home.


Who likes to live with spiders anyway?! It goes without saying that spiders belong in the wild, and not in your home. It’s just unfortunate how Australia is known to have spider-heavy areas that are a threat enough to humans. A rising spider problem at home should never be ignored! 

Our service experts here at Pest Control Canberra know exactly how to deal with different species of spiders, so you can be assured that your home will be clear of these little monsters after we do our magic.

When pests try to take your place at home, it’s very important to take action immediately. Dilly-dallying on such will only make the problem worse, so make sure to call reliable pest control services like Pest Control Canberra.


Wasps can become very territorial and they will, to their dying breath, defend their nests. And while just letting them live in peace may seem like a solution to the problem, neglect will actually just make the situation worse. European wasps, which are dangerous, have already started building nests in certain parts of Australia, and if one is near your home, it must be immediately addressed by an expert.


Services offered by Pest Control Canberra cover a wide range of insects, including bees, spiders, wasps, centipedes, and rodents. Unfortunately, Australia is a favorable home for these little foes because of its temperate climate. We understand how important it is that your home is clean and free of pests, and this is why we are committed to providing the high-quality services in pest control particularly in Canberra area.


Few are worse than a progressing flea problem. If you’ve had to deal with it yourself in the past, you’ll know why. These critters can proliferate very quickly, and can be tough to get rid of, even after fumigation. Treating the animal that carries the fleas could actually help, but when the flea problem has reached difficult areas like your thick beddings and carpets, the entire house has to be treated by a pest control specialist.


Birds are normally not pestilent, except in certain situations when they have already made a nest out of your home. Pest Control Canberra knows how to professionally remove birds from your home using non-violent, non-fatal methods. We also see to it that results are permanent, so this problem won't happen again.


Ever heard of sticky traps? These are devices that help get rid of rodents, and we at Pest Control Canberra can also provide rodent control service that is professionally done using sticky traps. If you're interested in this method of dealing with rodents in your property, hit us up today for more information!


Piping leaks and lumber attract these white ants, so if you have any of these in your home it may be best to call professionals for a check. But before the pest control team could even visit, make sure that you clear the area from any excess lumber that could serve as food to termites in order to limit their invasion.

Pest Control Experts Canberra

The Pest Control Canberra crew is highly experienced, and expertly trained to effectively deal with different pest control methods. Whether it’s still a starting problem or a full-blown infestation, we’ll take care of it with ease. Through many years, we have proven our worth as a service provider and we are dedicated to keeping this up not just with existing customers but with first-timers as well. Just call us, and we’ll be there!
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