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One of the biggest and most important investments a person could make in his life is a house. This said, it should not be too difficult to understand why many people go great lengths in preserving their house — from over-the-top spring cleaning to yearly repainting projects — it’s every homeowner’s right to exhaust all means to keep it in its original, mint shape. A yearly pest control and inspection is advisable if you want to maintain your lovely abode. 

Pest Control Canberra provides services for both commercial and residential pest control — giving clients in Canberra freedom from the nuisance and danger caused by pesky pests.
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Our Residential Pest Control Services

With a team of professionals having the right training and the right equipment, we can easily and efficiently provide the level of quality service you deserve. Your pest problem shouldn’t take forever to solve, and when you call us, your pests' lives are on the clock. We get in and out and get rid of your pests, so you can get back to living.
It’s really heartbreaking when pests try to destroy what homeowners like you have been working hard for: a lovely, comfortable home. Termites, for instance, give your precious wooden foundation a slow death by expanding their colony and eating up the wood. Rodents make food out of your electrical wiring which can cause short circuits and fire. And while very tiny, the almost-invisible bed bugs actually pose more risks than you imagine, as allergic reactions to their bite can be excruciatingly painful and itchy. Health and sanitation are also at risk when pests carry bacteria and diseases into your home. Add all these up, and you’ve got yourself an equation for doom.

But not when you have the guys from Pest Control Canberra to save the day!
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Our Approach

Who says residential pest control services are pricey?! With us at Pest Control Canberra, they’re not. We offer reasonably-priced, top-of-the-class service to help you get rid of pests in safe, eco-friendly ways. Our well-trained pest control experts follow a systematic approach at this objective, which goes as follows:
Inspection – we can’t kill the enemy if we don’t know where they are!
Pest control – the battle between our pest control experts versus pesky pests.
Monitoring – ensuring that the pesky pests will not return!


As with any pest control treatment, the procedure starts with inspection. Our guys need to know what the problems are and where they are located, so we can start on an effective treatment plan for your specific case. The house will be surveyed and examined — inside and outside, up, down, and under — to make sure that all possible areas of infestation are covered. Specialized equipment such as UV light and moisture meters will be utilized.

This procedure usually takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the condition and size of the property. The initial inspection generally takes longer and may be free of charge.

Pest Control

After the entire perimeter has been surveyed and the areas of concern can now be pinpointed, the pest control treatment may begin. Our team of experts uses only the best equipment and most effective methods in getting rid of the pests in your home. We are also after the safety of your household, so you can be assured our methods and products are 100% safe.

Effective pest control isn’t only about busting the visible pests, it should be about finding the root cause and eliminating it to prevent re-infestation. We also make sure that you are comfortable with the methods we use, so do talk to us about your preferences! 
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After we’ve worked our magic in your home, we’d really like you to live in it happily and pest-freely ever after — which is why we make it a point to conduct post-treatment visits to ensure that none of the pests are resurrected or have survived. These visits can be as regular as you prefer, because we care about your peace of mind!
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