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Property inspection for termites shouldn’t be too difficult — especially if you know who to call! With impressive customer service, excellent skills and knowledge, our team is highly capable of solving any pest infestation in your home or business. We have been in service for over 50 years now, and our solid and loyal clientele has been growing since. This is because we are highly dedicated to our craft, and every transaction is as important to us as your home or property is to you.

Our termite control team in Canberra focuses on preventing infestation, eradicating termites, and protecting your property from future occurrences. We have been keeping our accreditation from Australia’s leading contractor accreditation organisation, Trades Monitor, for 7 years now and counting. Our clientele is comprised mainly of residential and commercial property managers, property buyers and sellers, strata companies, strata managers, residential investors, landlords with multiple properties, as well as government and real estate sales representatives.
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About Termites in Canberra 

Termites generally feed on wood, food, and other cellulose materials which could be found in your home — actually, they could feed on your home.
The most common specie of termites affecting residential properties in Canberra are the subterranean termites. These little choppers can destroy wooden components of a house or building which can turn out to be quite a costly damage to fix. From feeding on small wood slabs near your home, termites could find a way to get inside and gradually increase in number without you noticing it. 

Consequently, they could proliferate to as many as five hundred thousand to five million individual termites — which is ridiculously A LOT! Good thing is, you can call for the best team of termite control experts in the area who have the know-how in detecting and eradicating the termites that have infested your property without going through a difficult time.
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Our Termite Services

Our termite treatment services are always top-of-the-class and up to date, so you can trust that we are continually working on keeping up with the safest and most effective ways of treating termite infestation. Our process includes three simple steps:
Termite Inspection
Termite Treatment
Termite Control

Termite Inspection Canberra

Prevention is always better than cure. The most effective way to stop termite infestation from blowing out of proportions would be conduct regular inspections in areas that are likely to attract termites. Termites could rapidly multiply when left untreated, causing great damage to the property. Don’t delay — get a termite inspection for your home before it’s too late! Our accommodating and experienced team of pest control experts will make sure that you will never have to deal with a termite problem. Our 50 years of service should prove that. Call us today!
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Termite Treatments in Canberra

Our 6-months to 1 year free spot treatment is a way of standing behind the excellent service we provide. This spot treatment is a follow-up measure for a re-occurrence after a primary termite treatment has been performed and is done by spraying on the spots where termites have grown back. Here at Pest Control Canberra, we aim to sustain a long-term relationship with our clients that doesn’t just stop with one transaction. We don’t stop until you’re 100% happy and termite-free!
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Termite Control Services

Another term for termites is “white ants”. They are attracted to wood, food, and certain sources of water, so before and after our pest control team comes over to treat your termite problem, we recommend that you take out any potential sources of termite infestation. Piping leaks, and stray lumber around the area can really bring in these tiny foes. 

We specialize not just in treating your termite problems, but as well in preventing the problem from happening again. If you suspect there’s a termite infestation in your home, don’t leave room for dilly-dally! Call us here at Pest Control Canberra for a highly professional, yet friendly assistance for your concern!

Termite Protection

Protecting your property from termite infestation may be done in two ways. First, is the physical method which involves building structures made out of concrete, metal, or some other non-edible materials that are chemically treated to fill in the foundation of your property. Second is the chemical method which involves applying a termite-repellent solution over suspicious surfaces, especially the soil near your home. 

These two methods are helpful in keeping your house termite-proof this time around, and you can trust Pest Control Canberra to take care of these for you.
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