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A pest inspection is done to visually examine a property — a house or a commercial building — for the presence of pests, wood-eating organisms, dry rot or fungus, and plumbing leaks. It is done from top to bottom, inside-out, and through crawling spaces. The objective in pest inspections is to detect any presence of organisms or defects that may compromise the livability of the property or structure.

With Pest Control Canberra, pest inspection is done inconspicuously and strategically so that even early-stage infestations are immediately detected. The goal of our pest inspection procedures is to help look out for onset or existing infestations of pests like termites, mosquitoes, ants, rodents, and more.

The procedure generally takes 45 minutes to an hour and thirty, tops. Size and condition of the property will matter, as newer and smaller properties are generally still in tip-top shape while older and bigger properties may take more time to cover. Once the inspection has been completed and some diagnoses have been made, our service expert will then be handing out a quotation.
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Our Canberra Pest Inspections Look For


Rodent infestation isn’t very difficult to determine, especially for trained eyes like those of our inspection specialists. Some red flags include chew marks, mouse droppings, and tracks.


Bed bugs are your invisible nightmares — you don’t see them, but they are there. People who are allergic to bed bugs generally suffer from excruciatingly itchy bites, and the situation can get worse if the problem is not addressed immediately. One thing to check if you have a bed bug infestation is the presence of spots of dried blood on your sheets. 

If you suspect your beddings to have these invisible critters, call up our highly skilled pest inspection team for a thorough examination not just of your beddings, but of the entire house as well.


Cockroaches lurk in the dark, so chances are you won’t know you have them until you chance upon them on your way to the fridge at midnight. Some signs that point to a possible roach infestation include a funky smell, roach droppings, and cockroach corpses.


There may be many types of termites, but our highly-experienced pest inspection team will be quick to name them by specie — which can really help in determining the correct treatment method to be used. 

Our skilled team of inspectors will be looking for signs of termite infestation like swollen floors and ceilings, as well as wooden furniture or area that has visibly contracted a certain degree of damage.


The most common type of pest that could infest homes is ants. These are tiny crawling creatures that get magnetized by sugary foods — or just food in general. Although ants are not harmful especially when they are only few in number, their noise can get noticeable when they have reached the point of having nests.


Insects can thrive in any area of your home — inside or outside, high in attics or low in dark, crawling spaces — but we’ll make sure they won’t escape the eyes of our well-trained inspection specialists. We make it a point to survey all areas that are possibly infested, so we can give an accurate diagnosis and recommendation afterwards.

Pest Control Experts Canberra

Don’t let your suspicion die with time — this won’t kill the pests that thrive in your otherwise sweet home! Save your property by contacting our experienced and skilled pest inspection specialists today: (02) 9133 4531

And just in case you’re wondering, we attend to residential and commercial pest infestation concerns in Canberra area.
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